Do you plan to have a holiday in the Covid Era? Or do you host guesst as a tourism or lodging company? Both parties should make a self assessment with the below online checklists to reduce the risk of spread. 

Critical Control Points of the Checklists 

Below you will find 5 checklists and 1 safety plan published by USA, Australia and Turkish Authorities..

Although there are some some differences, majority of the checklists consist the following sections:

  • Pre-opening / Planning activities
  • Social distancing
  • Training staff
  • Cleaning and disinfecting protocols
  • Customer acceptance
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Swimming pools
  • Equipment controls

Scope of the Checklists 

"Lodging" includes here hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfast accommodations, all other short-term residential rentals even including Airbnb and VRBO. Either you are a guest or host, we suggest to take a look at the below principles both your yourself and others' health and safety.

Run self-assessment via your Mobile 

Especially in the summer times, it is hard for tourism organisations to make assessments and keep records via hard copy documents. Instead you can

  • run a self-assessment (or assign task for a recurring check)
  • take photos for improprieties
  • create corrective actions
  • assign to your team
  • and get notified when completed just using your mobile in seconds.
Wremia Mobile inspection and self assessment checklists

Direct Links to Online Checklists: 

Compulsory Covid-Hygine Certification in Turkey

Low prices due to foreign exchange differences and high quality of hotels and services attracts millions of foreign tourists to Turkish beachses in Southern Turkey (Antalya for summer/sea tourism and Kapadokia for cultural tourism). Russia is the main source of tourists after Germany. Turkish Ministry of Tourism published a detailed (around 140 questionnaire) checklist to reduce the risk of spread and attract foreign tourists and make it compulsory to receive this certificate from an international quality management systems certificator (SGS, BV, Intertek, TUV etc.). These companies will make regular and mystery shopper inspections to check the effectiveness of these checklists. 

USA - Reopening Map
Some researchers from NYTimes keeping the reopening map below up-to-date which proves that if adequate prevention rules are not set and applied this Covid might still start sreading faster. Therefore, either any governmental bodies enforces you or nor we recommend to take a look at the above checklists and consider applying them if possible. (below map is as of the date 8th Jul, 2020)

Post Covid Experience in Night Clubs
Night Clubs could be among the last businesses to reopen due to COVID-19. Some countries' experiences showed that they might cause a rapipd increase in the infection rates. Night club owners should strictly follow the government bodies' notifications. Some countries already published checklists for Night Club reopenings,  ie Queensland - Australia's reopening checklist also valid for Night Clubs in that country.

COVID-19 Safety Plan: pubs, clubs, bars, breweries and casinos

NWS (North West Shelf) Government's (Australia) published a detailed safety plan for night clubs and bars. The main considerations are
  • Customer acceptance procedures,
  • Self-awareness
  • Displaying conditions properly
  • Physical distancing (per customer capacity, table restrictions, seating metres)
  • Hygiene and cleaning (including menus) and 
  • Report keeping 
Here you can reach the full list and fill it out online for self-assessment: COVID-19 Safety Plan for Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Breweries and Casinos
You can see the full questionnaire free. To create tasks and corrective actions, assigning tasks to team members, upload photos of any incidents, and more, start your free trial.