Chart of Accounts

Each accounting code has 3 components: Code, Description and Account Type. Account types are pre-defined system inputs and cannot be changed. Wremia also offer some system accounts which cannot be deleted. However, you could create up to 5000 accounts depending on your business needs.

Account types Accounting Treatment
Sales PL
Expense PL
Accounts Payable Current Liabilities
Accounts Receivable Current Assets
Advances Given Current Assets
Payables to Employees Current Liabilities
Advances Received Current Assets
Income Accrual Current Assets
Expense Accrual Current Liabilities
Foreign Currency Gains PL
Foreign Currency Loss PL
Cash and Banks Current Assets
Deferred Income Current Liabilities
Expense PL
Tax Accounts Current Assets/Liabilities

Below table shows the system accounts (you can change the description but cannot delete any of them):

Code Description Account types
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Advances Given
Payables to Employees
Advances Received
Income Accrual
Expense Accrual
Foreign Currency Gains
Foreign Currency Loss
Cash and Banks
Deferred Income
Tax Accounts
How to change your currency model for chart of accounts

As discussed in Multi-currency Accounting article you have different options while setting up your chart of accounts. Below example will show you how to change your option after booking some transactions.

ABC, Inc using accounting module for 2 months and it has many transactions under its single bank account (#100-Banks). These transactions have been realized as EUR, USD and GBP and ABC, Inc. is able to see both original balances and local currency conversion for each different currency under the same bank account. However, they decided to split the bank account into 3 (#101-USD Banks, #102-EUR Banks, #103-GBP Banks). Accountant of ABC, Inc. will just follow the below steps:

  • Open new bank accounts
  • Determine the final original balances of each different currency
  • Prepare a manual journal entry to transfer these amounts to 3 separate bank accounts

As a result of the manual journal entry account #100-Banks has now zero-balance of EUR, USD and GBP whereas it local conversion might be slightly different due to fx-differences. Therefore, a final step should be FX-valuation which will correct the local currency amounts.

Please see FX valuation page for more details.