Project Object

 wremia_project_object :

IDType Description
project_guidguid Dynamically generated unique key
User-assigned name to distinguish the current project from others
Free text area where details of the current project can be explained
project_clientwremia_client_object Customer object in Wremia
intNumber that contains the information of the pricing option
intThe number that holds the priority information of the project. Determined by the user does not have to be unique.
date_timeData that holds the first moment the project was created. Saved with server time
Data that holds the first moment the project is completed. Saved with server time
User object in Wremia
stringThe data in which the stage of the project is kept. For example "Completed", "Confirmed", "Archived".
companywremia_company_objectCompany object in Wremia
stringTime zone information kept to show exactly the right time to users in different time zones viewing the project. When saving the project, it is recorded with the time zone of the user who saved it.
Information containing the formatting settings of the person who saved the project.
boolThe option whether to calculate automatic hours (based on the starting and ending times of the company) in the time interval selected in the project.
The data where the information whether time tracking will be used in the project or not.
What is project ?

Projects are the top layer of process management. Tasks, checklists and linked forms are assigned to the project.

A maximum of one customer can be selected in a project. monitoring, working hours are below projects.

How to  ?

To create a new project, you can choose the project tab from the sidebar or go directly to the /Projects link. The window that opens contains all the projects you have created.

The project list is in reverse order by creation date. Projects are classified in 3 main cases. These are "Waiting", "Approved", "Completed". Waiting status appears when the approval process is waiting for the relevant business of the project, when the approval procedure is completed, or when the project is completed if there is no procedure.

You can click the New button to create a project or you can create it by following the /Projects/New path.

Creating Project

The project name is the description field that you need to distinguish and follow the project. You can enter information up to 50 characters long. Project customer selection is not mandatory. You can use this option if you want to keep track of who you are doing the project to.

If the project belongs to a category, you can select its category. (You can create a category from the  /Settings/Category section) In the permissions section, there are teams that you have previously created. (For more detailed information about the team, you can read the Teams document.) If a project is specific to a team, you can select that team.

Time tracking and time estimation options include the information that the time will be done automatically (for the start and end times determined by the company) or manually. The custom fields tab is where the custom fields you create for projects will appear. (You can read the Custom Fields document for more information) You can use the Attachments tab to include documents in the project.