How do I edit my profile ?

Click on your profile picture in the far right corner of the topbar, then click on the profile tab. You can also access your profile directly from your special URL (or your choice in settings). You can edit your profile information by clicking the pencil icon next to your name.

Timezone and language

You can access it by selecting the globalization menu from the settings icon at the bottom of the sidebar. 


Time zone setting is important for our customers doing business from one or more different locations. The selected time zone is stored while data is being saved, validated and even listed because users other than you must display 2 different times as the original time and the time zone time. When calculating the time between the two watches, the difference between the time zone in which the current transaction is performed and the time the transaction is actually performed is calculated.

For exp, one person creates a project in the United States (UTC -4), and the other person viewing in the United Kingdom (UTC +0) sees the time zone 4 hours ahead of the current time and 4 hours before the original time.

language setting is a very important setting. Along with the language, your country selection determines the format in which you will see time, number, currency and texts.

For exp. In our country, the number formatting is 123.456,78, while in other countries it may be 123,456.78.
Security and privacy

Your profiles are closed to the public and can only be viewed by users who are logged in and work with the same company.

You can use the two-factor authentication option, if you still feel insecure, you can change your password or contact us. Please note that we send you an informative mail on irregular entries, and on constant erroneous entries.