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Each business has its own unique organization structure. Wremia is developed to exactly fit the business needs even for the most complex structures. In addition to team authorizations you can assign users to customized roles. Each role has many options for each module.

Not only basic level view/edit/delete options you have but also columns are role-dependent which gives you a great flexibility while defining your organization within the system.

We will provide sample roles for your Free Trial but you can manage them whenever you want.

You will also have a useful and simple role level rating graph best fits for organizations need so many roles.

Gradual Authorization.

Another headache for companies is approval & confirmation processes. Specifically fast-growing companies need to update their confirmation rules continuously depending on their growing organizational needs and internal control protocols.

You can create a confirmation rule with below options:

When a member or a member from a department creates/deletes/edit any project/task/expense or advance, this may flow to a specific department/role or member. You can also add a quantitative condition (i.e. if expense request is greater than $1000 then run the flow.)

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wremia.com create create new rule screen

Create dynamic rules and streamline your flow

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