Why Wremia

Wremia provides latest technologies with high privacy and security controls. We acknowledge that project management is not only calendering. We value your financials, time and people.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our integrated products separate from the competition with financial data driven tendency. At each step you will be catching financial figures ready and will be able to make all decisions depending on actual live data.


Assigning tasks to your people can be done through complex spreadsheets. However as your business grows red-tape and complexity of tracking effectiveness and efficiency get harder.

Each decision you make has a financial impact on your business: at which cost and margin your employees completes your tasks, punctuality for your customer promise, time-wasted for hard-copy expense documents etc. Wremia is data-driven online project management software that increases your productivity and visibility over your teams, projects and tasks.

Easy-to-use visual Interface

Nobody is required to be a software or finance expert. Let’s focus on your core business – Wremia will handle the complex calculations while you just need to make some clicks or drag drop via our easy-to-use visual interface. We keep it simple with a startup soul despite million-dollar costing software.

Integrated Products

Our products are integrated to each other although some of them can be used separately. You don’t need to make any manual processes to run them collaboratively.

Customer Oriented

You may need to integrate your customers to your project management procedures. Wremia lets you to create an online customer portal where they can also track ongoing projects, tasks and billings.

Accounting, Financial & Operational Reports

Each task ended with customer billing flows to accounting cycle. Our operational accounting module lets you track your payments and collections, customer balances, employee expenses and advance, calculate income accruals for completed but not yet invoiced tasks and more.


Pay only what your business needs. Our modular structure lets you setup your own configuration, upgrade and downgrade whenever you want. Get your free trial today!

Here for you

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s discuss how we can help increasing your business productivity. Our sales team will back to you as soon as possible sales@wremia.com