Live Financial/Operational Reports:

  • Project finance: Revenue, Cost, Margin
  • Revenue,Average Price and Cost per service
  • Trade receivables ageing (overdue or future)
  • Staff utilisation (available time vs Chargable times)
  • Staff based profitibality
  • Customer based profitibality

Best Solution for Financial Micro-Management

Many operations suffer from financial micro-management nowadays. Although financial figures are key for sustainable growth lack of a proper system results as inefficiency for operational teams.
Probably you are always asked to calculate:

  • Estimated revenue and profits
  • Best staff-job match before assigning your team (in terms of profitability)
  • Budget vs Actual figures
  • Staff utilisation ratios
  • Current status of each task
  • Invocing status
  • Revenue of completed but not invoiced jobs (for accrued income)
  • Expenses realized but invoice not yet received (for cost provisions)
  • And so more...

Wremia automize each above and more for you.

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