Project Tracking

Just sit back and track your revenue, profit and budget live. Wremia will calculate even most complex revenue and cost structures for you.

Team Scheduling

Assigning a task to your team is just easy as moving your cursor with Wremia Scheduler. Everyone will get notified and see their plan instantly.

Task Management

Take your notes, create checklists, upload files or build your dynamic forms to be completed. Track the status of tasks, cancel, update or push the overdue ones with ease.


Do you have an expense inanother currency and you need to recharge this to your customer? Wremia will do everything after the expense is approved (if you set an approval policy).


Any completed task and its related expenses can be invoiced with a click. Or take a downpayment before the project starts. Wremia handles the deferred revenue on accounting side.

Project Profitability

Do you need a price list or want to use cost-plus method? You can set unit prices as fixed, daily, per-manday or hourly. Once you choose your option just track our charts and reports.

Accounting & Reports

Wremia has its own operational accounting module. Just choose your account names (if you want) and hard-core accounting will be a piece of cake. Operational and financial reports are ready, too.

Discover Visual Scheduler

Track, create, edit, assign tasks to your team via visual scheduler.

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