Hotel rooms and restaurants are the key areas for customer satisfaction. This 5 Star Mobile Checklist will save your time and ensure 100% ready for your next guest. 

Room Inspections in terms of Hotel Management

Different countries and companies might have different approaches about who and when the inspections being run. In UK usually supervisory staff i(ie. floor housekeepers) carrying out the room inspections whereas some American chains uses inspectors.

There are 2 main appraches for timing

  1. Systematic
  2. Spot-checks

Whoever or whenever the inspections are made you will need a detailed checklist to ensure each control is in place.

Contents of checklists

Most of the controls are globally applicable but some of them should be manually adjusted in line with your requirements. A successfull one should consist the followings at minimum

Hotel Room Inspection Core Elements
  • Enterance Door
  • Guest Room
  • Air-conditioners
  • Electrical equipments
  • Television
  • Telephone
  • Furniture
  • Curtains
  • Bathroom
  • Marketing materials
  • Supplies
  • UPDATE : Hygiene supplies for Covid-19
Online Hotel Room Checklist

Benefits of using an Online Hotel Room Inspection App

  •  Online scheduler for staff planning
  • Real-time data that you can even control via mobile
  • Minimize hard-copy documents
  • Effective record-keeping
  • Creating online tasks
  • Live photo-attachments just in case
  • Creating corrective actions, assigning to team members and tracking the completeness and more

You can get start now for free or just use the above link to reach free checklist. 

Wremia Mobile Hotel Room Inspecion